Malene Rydahl: Author, Keynote Speaker, Goodwill Ambassador

malene rydahl - heureux comme un danoisAfter 18 years of rich and extensive experience in the corporate world, most recently as Director of Corporate Communication for Hyatt Hotels & Resorts in EAME, Malene Rydahl qualified as one of the “24 women of 2012” according to the French magazine L’Express.

Prior to her time with Hyatt Hotels & Resorts, Malene worked six years for Bang & Olufsen during the period of the turnaround of the company, she also held a position with WPP in France heading the key account “Le Bon Marché” (LVMH) of the agency.

She is now a full time writer, speaker and executive coach wanting to share the secret of what the Danes can teach us about happiness and how we can all live better, more purposeful lives. She also explores why Danish employees are some of the happiest in the world and how that directly impacts results financially in a positive way. She works with major French and international companies and she has recently been selected by the Secretary General to speak at OECD on happiness and how to live better lives. She has spoken at ENA (the French prestigious school which teaches future civil servants) and she was invited as a speaker at TEDx INSEAD in Singapore in 2015.

She is the author of the book “Heureux comme un danois” (Happy as a Dane) published by Grasset in France in April 2014. The book became a best-seller and was awarded the prize of the most optimistic book in 2014. It has been published in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Russia and will come out later in 2017 in Spain, Germany and United States.

Committed to happiness

Alongside her career, Malene Rydahl has taken strong commitments. She was part of the advisory committee for the creation of Positive Economy Forum in 2012, an initiative lead by Jacques Attali under the sponsorship of the President of the French Republic. She is also an associate of the Danish start-up 42° Raw, a healthy fast food concept with 4 current restaurants in Copenhagen. Moreover, she supports Europe Tomorrow, a French social start-up which aims at mapping local social and environmental innovations across Europe.

In 2014, her childhood dream of becoming an ambassador came true as she was appointed Goodwill ambassador of Copenhagen.

Malene lives in Paris but travels all over the world.