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Malene Rydahl is a passionate keynote speaker who connects with her audience through her key messages about trust, freedom to be yourself and having purpose and engagement in life inspired by the Danish model. In English and French, she explores the conditions and values necessary to live better together, as a society and also in corporations where it is proven to increase productivity and engagement. In her keynote speeches, she exposes how corporations can increase engagement and well-being amongst employees and why it is profitable to everybody.

Duration of the keynote speech?

  • 1 hour, followed by an interactive Q&A session

The main themes are :

well-being in business / commitment / trust / performance / innovation / fulfilment / authenticity of relationships / empathy / freedom to be oneself / collective intelligence / leadership / autonomy / creativity / Happiness in society / happy life / personal journey / employee loyalty / change management




According to an extensive survey by Gallup, 87% employees in the world say that they are “not engaged” in their work, 24% are actually actively not engaged. At the same time, Denmark has the highest rate of job satisfaction in Europe (Eurostat, 2013).

Danish management is centered on employees’ well-being, work/life balance and equality between women and men. It has had remarkable positive effects in terms of productivity, innovation, involvement and loyalty of workers in a world in which firms fight for the best talents.


Companies need to be constantly evolving and facing a constant adaptation to innovations. This cannot be done without the commitment and involvement of men and women in the company. This keynote highly benefits:

    • Companies that need to evolve and change:
      • change of corporate culture
      • merge of departments or companies
      • corporate reorganisation
      • new management
      • promotion of equality and diversity
      • new work practices
      • support technological adaptation and digital transformation


    • Companies that have identified leadership difficulties and wish to provide a
      long-term solution:

      • need to improve communication in a team
      • reduce time spent managing conflicts and misunderstandings
      • weaken turnover, absenteeism and occupational diseases.


    • Companies that want to bring their employees, and in particular managers, to
      consider promising and new leadership methods which may:

      • generate innovation and creativity
      • help recruit fresh talents when needed.


She has identified three practical ways to follow the Danish example:

    • Trust in oneself and others: autonomy generates commitment.
    • The freedom to be you: a great tool for innovation and conflict resolution, created thanks to empathy.
    • Creating meaning: how to feel engaged in one’s job. This is key especially for young talents.

Based on scientific research and the Danish case study, Malene Rydahl invites innovative leaders to come together on these three ideas in order to define universal yet concrete means of re-focusing the corporate world on more purposeful actions, well-being and employee engagement to obtain better results.


Upon request, Malene Rydahl can develop and conduct an opinion poll within the company prior to any keynote. The questions -quickly answered- of this survey focus on each individual feelings of well-being in the company: for example, the trust felt, the empathy felt, the time spent in dealing with conflicts are revealing indicators that are worth taking awareness and implementing measures.

This survey gives a detailed analysis of well-being in the organization and recommendations on how to move forward.

  • Masterclasses designed as interactive work-shops to implement the Danish management method.
  • Customised executive coaching programs at executive committee level



How to live a happy life free from the illusions of money, power, beauty, fame and sex

The belief that “If only I were more beautiful, rich, powerful, famous, and had lots of sex, I would be happy at last” is very common.

In our current social climate, it seems not only like an important issue but one that urgently needs to be explored. Nowadays, more than 50% of teenagers want more than anything to be famous, with no specific motive besides fame itself. 61% of French people say they “don’t have enough money to be completely happy”, 94% of Americans agree that money can indeed buy happiness, and tens of millions of people use plastic surgery around the world every year, the thirst for power pushes some to constantly seek “success” often without having first defined what success means for them, sometimes at the cost of their mental and physical health.

To overcome our inhibitions and help us see through them, the expert on happiness Malene Rydahl, reveals what lies behind people’s “perfect lives”. Backed by research, statistics, and stories from real life, she explores some of the surprising and nefarious side effects of beauty, money, power, fame, and sex, highlighting the dangers of constantly comparing ourselves to others.

The keys to building a successful customer relationship with the wealthy, powerful, famous and beautiful people.

When having a professional career in the luxury field, it can be a real challenge to understand the mindset and of the ones who seem to “have it all” in terms of money, power, beauty and fame. It can easily be intimidating or even stressful serving personalities who incarnate powerful success stories because of the stereotype we assume regarding these “happy few”.

Malene Rydahl has great expertise on these concerns thanks to 18 years of rich and extensive corporate experience in the luxury world and after having researched the topic in depth in her book “The illusions of Happiness”. She invites us to foster customer relationships centred on emotional intelligence, she also deconstructs the myth of people’s “perfect lives”, in order to encourage more simple interactions with prestigious clients and to provide an adequate service based on empathy and understanding the mindset and some of the struggles they have in life despite a sometimes perfect appearance


  • Companies who wish to offer their teams an in-depth reflection on the keys to happiness to soothe. Individuals who wish to soothe the relationship they have with themselves.
  • Luxury companies whose staff is in contact with a very demanding clientele and who are looking for a renewal in their customer relationship based on values ​​of authenticity and trust, which inevitably generates a growth in turnover and develops a stronger loyalty with an extremely volatile clientele.


Malene Rydahl invites us to identify the pretence of modern happiness and draws an original reflection that questions us in the depths of ourselves, thus helping us calmly find the way to our own happiness.

In the professional world, Malene Rydahl helps us to set a new customer relationship that values ​​emotional intelligence by demystifying “the dream life of others”, helping to create interactions with prestigious customers and provide them with the service best suited to their needs.

To go further: In addition to reading her book  The illusions of happiness, Malene Rydahl offers an in-depth work in different formats:

  • Masterclasses based on interactive work-shops to practice through group training’s.
  • Customised executive coaching programs at executive committee level

















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