"Happiness is the freedom to be true to yourself and the courage to pursue a life with purpose"
Malene Rydahl – Heureux comme un danois

Planting seeds of happiness

Based on her research and extensive corporate experience, Malene Rydahl, author of the best-seller “Heureux comme un danois” (Happy as a Dane), shares with us what we can learn from one of the happiest countries in the world.

She exposes the secrets to why the Danes are so happy and how this can be exported around the world, both in our daily lives and in the way we manage corporations.

Author, keynote speaker and executive coach

Following the success of her book, Malene Rydahl wishes to extend to the corporate world her knowledge of well-being and engagement.

Studies have observed that a vast majority of employees around the world are not engaged in their work. This results in high staff turn-over, increased sick leave and above all lack of creativity, innovation and productivity for companies.

malene rydahl oecd
Malene Rydahl speaking at the OECD

As a keynote speaker, Malene takes part in many internal and public events organized by international companies and institutions.

Certified “Life and Business Coach” from the prestigious coaching school “Manning Inspire” in Copenhagen, Malene Rydahl also offers individual executive coaching programs for managers who wants to improve the level of engagement, well-being and performance in their business.

Trust – Freedom to be you – Engagement

Malene Rydahl provides us with actionable things we can do in our lives and in corporations to plant seeds of happiness that can grow into the happiness as the Danes know it today and which makes their success as a society and as a management model with higher levels of engagement and innovation.

Being happy as the Danes is about becoming the creator of your own life and happiness. It is about living your life and not just a life.