The Method Méthode_MR for well-being and performance

Today, the business world is facing a significant crisis.


of French employees report feeling disengaged in their work*
*Study by Gallup Institute: ‘State of the Global Workforce’


of employees say they have to deal with conflicts regularly*

*OPP, study conducted among 5,000 employees, in 9 countries

Malene Rydahl

However, this crisis is not inevitable.

Malene Rydahl grew up in Denmark, a country where psychological safety is taught to provide each student with a sense of recognition and legitimacy. This type of education has a positive impact on society and explains why Denmark is both one of the happiest countries and one of the most productive and competitive in the world. Having been based in France for 25 years and drawing from her professional experience in major corporations, Malene Rydahl supports companies in their transformation. She aims to transmit her knowledge of empathy, psychological safety, and well-being to strengthen engagement and creativity.

To achieve this, she has developed the method.

This method is inspired by the Danish model, resulting from her experiences and deep research and reflection. It has already captivated more than 2,500 executives worldwide. Through her method, Malene Rydahl makes well-being the essential challenge for companies, always in service of performance.

Malene Rydahl provides the keys to building self-confidence and reveals everyone’s ability to take action and fully express their potential. She also offers insights to companies on how to enhance employee engagement and well-being, benefiting everyone involved.