To understand the individuals around us, it is essential to know oneself.

Based on this foundation, Malene Rydahl has developed a coaching program for business leaders who aspire to become authentic and inspiring leaders. These leaders aim to attract and retain top talent while cultivating well-being within their teams, which is the key to engagement and performance.

The executive coaching program designed by Malene Rydahl is intended for leaders who want to develop a more authentic leadership style based on empathy, trust, and a meaningful common vision.

It primarily targets:

Business leaders going through a period of transformation.


Leaders who want to fully understand and embody authentic leadership based on trust and empathy.


Executive committees seeking to improve communication and collaboration among members.


For whom ?

For many leaders, the main difficulty lies in the collective dimension of the company. As a result, 91% of leaders claim they regularly have to manage workplace conflicts. This management challenge diminishes performance and leads to disengagement among teams.

True leadership is not something one is born with; it is developed.

Malene Rydahl has designed a coaching program inspired by the Danish model to instill essential qualities such as trust, active listening, and understanding others. Her original methodology, known as the “navigation system,” prompts individuals to identify their values precisely, which in turn guide their decision-making process. This self-awareness enables leaders to manage their responsibilities consciously while fostering effective collaboration with others. The program aims to construct a personal “instruction manual” that promotes well-being, empathy, and trust within teams, ultimately boosting performance.

The expected outcomes of the coaching program are:


An authentic individual who fully understands oneself and inspires trust.

Someone who takes the time to understand others and can step back to reduce conflicts.

An individual who fosters psychological safety to unlock innovation and creativity.

Someone who values and recognizes others.

Someone who can motivate and engage others in a collective project.

Challenges and benefits

The executive coaching program combines two complementary stages.

Individual coaching

tailor-made support, which includes a half-day of personal and confidential introspection to understand one’s “navigation system.” This is followed by five 2-hour follow-up sessions over six months.

Collective support

in the form of a debriefing day based on anonymized conclusions drawn from the individual sessions. This collective support aims to develop empathy and trust within the team, focusing on specific, customized objectives.

The program delves deeply into the themes that define the uniqueness and strength of the MR method, including:

Building one's navigation system and identifying one's shadows.

Understanding empathy and its transformative impact on management methods.

Understanding the mechanisms of trust and recognition and learning how to cultivate them with colleagues.

Recognizing the usefulness and purpose of one's activities and effectively communicating it to teams.

Upon request, a preliminary diagnostic assessment can be conducted for top managers to analyze the sense of well-being within the company and provide customized areas for reflection.