This new program represents a significant turning point, acknowledging that companies want the method to be presented to their entire workforce, not just top managers.

Traditional formats do not facilitate large-scale learning, but digital training offers unprecedented access to all the ingredients that contribute to the success of Malene Rydahl’s method. This virtual training, always tailored thanks to its interactive monthly follow-up, fosters a culture of empathy and a drive for performance throughout the organization.

The digital training is intended for the entire company.

It is an accessible instrument that allows for interactive and individualized learning at each individual’s own pace.

For whom ?

Transforming the entire culture of a company requires a comprehensive effort that traditional formats cannot offer. Therefore, after more than ten years of coaching experience and research on well-being and performance, Malene Rydahl created this digital training program. Leveraging new technologies through a user-friendly platform, her educational offering, inspired by the Danish model, aims to deeply cultivate psychological safety, trust, and empathy at all levels of your company.

The digital training benefits the entire organization, with particular objectives including:

Enhancing performance by cultivating the well-being of teams.

Strengthening engagement, team cohesion, and management effectiveness through the learning of empathy.

Empowering individuals and providing a sense of purpose to increase everyone's investment in their work.

Challenges and Benefits

The digital training consists of 15 video sessions and two bonus coaching sessions. It systematically covers the key elements that contribute to the success of the MR method, including:

Fundamentals of well-being and its impact on performance.

Packed with unique, practical, and accessible content for everyone, the digital training allows individuals to learn at their own pace, whether at work or elsewhere. The user-friendly platform provides supporting exercise materials, downloadable summary sheets, and dynamic FAQs.

“Discovery” rate – 10% with code BEPDEC23


It is truly inspiring, interesting, and incredibly important for management in companies. I am both touched and filled with optimism knowing that topics such as psychological safety, empathy, and self-awareness have found their place on the agenda in organizations. Your approach to these subjects and your warm and relevant way of conveying them made a great impression on me.

Lærke Andersen – expert in corporate culture changes