The method draws its originality from the Danish model

Known as the country with one of the highest levels of well-being in the world, it also sets an example with the highest levels of competitiveness and job satisfaction in the world.

The secret? Leadership based on trust, the freedom to be oneself and individual responsibility. A work culture based on empathy, psychological safety and well-being. With her method, Malene Rydahl transmits the "keys" to this model to effectively transform your company's culture in line with your objectives.

The MR Method

La méthode

schema method MR (5)

According to a recent study, in an empathetic work environment :


of employees are more inclined to innovate


more inclined to invest themselves in their mission

Available in four formats, it leads to a global transformation of the company and management practices, for greater engagement and well-being.

Because leadership can be learned, it offers the keys to becoming an authentic and inspiring leader, who knows how to unite and lead his or her teams, and give a sense of purpose to work.

The signature MR method, four formats & one diagnosis :

The big resignation, labor shortages, quiet quitting... Companies are facing a major crisis.

76% of employees feel burned out at least occasionally, 30% experience a sense of insecurity, and 24% say they are “exhausted” (Opinion Way, 2022). Furthermore, 43% of them believe that their company does not sufficiently take into account the psychological suffering experienced by their employees (Malakoff Humanis, 2021).

94 %

of French people feel disengaged in their work

55 %

are ready to leave their jobs

At the heart of this crisis, which deeply affects business performance, lies the human dimension. The four most important qualities that characterize a good leader come from the “heart” (BCG, 2022) :





Often, these qualities are neglected. A work culture that has long overlooked well-being. Management that fails to align with the challenges of the 21st century. Leadership that has lost its authenticity and ability to create unity.


To initiate this major transformation, companies need guidance.

Companies are facing a major crisis

The method is designed to avoid these common mistakes, and aims to improve the performance of the entire company over the long term.

While most companies are aware of these issues, some make mistakes thinking they are providing the right solution. These common mistakes are traps :


"The Malene Rydahl method is designed to avoid these common mistakes and aims to sustainably improve the performance of the entire company."


Lack of embodiment of well-being values from the leadership.


Choosing training exclusively reserved for managers without addressing the challenges of implementing the new culture among all employees.


Lack of a real diagnosis to establish a tailor-made program that addresses the company's challenges.


Personal lack of motivation to concretely change one's way of seeing and doing things ...

Common mistakes

The method transforms companies to enhance their performance.

Its custom engineering, inspired by the Danish model, to cultivate empathy, self-confidence, and psychological safety, is the result of years of experience and research.

Attracting new talent, retaining employee loyalty, strengthening engagement and productivity, encouraging innovation and agility, increasing team synergy, enhancing productivity, developing authentic and inspiring leadership…

These are the benefits of the MR method, whether it’s about increasing well-being, engagement, and performance in the company or using well-being to serve engagement and performance!