The masterclass goes deeper into the conference program in a personalized and interactive way.

Malene Rydahl teaches participants how to build a strong foundation of trust and personal freedom, enabling them to increase their individual responsibilities and fully express their potential. This masterclass draws from some of the teachings she delivers at Sciences Po Paris and HEC Executive Education, focusing on leadership inspired by the Danish model.

The sustainability of a company depends on its ability to overcome the challenges it faces. To do this, it must be able to mobilize men and women around a common project that is rich in meaning, stimulating and strengthening the commitment of each individual.

This masterclass is designed for:

Executive committees, management teams, managers, and teams seeking more meaning and innovation in their activities.


Companies that want to build their management on mutual trust.


Companies looking to define a higher purpose for their activities to improve team engagement.


For whom ?

Contrary to popular belief, the four most important qualities that characterize a good leader come from the “heart” (BCG, 2021):





Often, these qualities are overlooked. A work culture where the “heart” is not at the center of leadership leads to unhappiness, conflicts, misunderstandings… This also applies to the lack of meaning given to the collective project, which results in employee disengagement.

Considering that individual gains always benefit the company, the masterclass teaches how to cultivate the well-being of employees and develop their potential.

It enables participants to :

Establish a culture of psychological safety and trust, ensuring increased individual involvement and better financial performance.

Become aware of their own values and motivations and understand those of others to promote team cohesion and reduce conflicts, thus stimulating innovation, creativity, and productivity.

Define the common purpose and meaning of the company, respecting the sense that each employee gives to their own life, to increase personal and collective engagement.

Challenges and benefits

The masterclass draws from the Danish leadership model to foster individual and collective introspection, promoting psychological safety and meaning within the company. Its program is based on the exploration of four pillars:

Depending on your needs, the masterclass can be tailored to half a day, a full day, or more. An assessment of the company can be conducted in advance for a “custom-made” masterclass to further involve the audience during the session.