In her lectures, Malene Rydahl shares with her audience the pillars for increasing well-being, engagement and performance within the company.

In a didactic way, in French or English, she draws on the Danish model to share the keys to well-being based on psychological safety, trust, empathy and purpose. It creates the desire to know oneself better in order to become an authentic leader. 

The sustainability of a company depends on its ability to overcome the challenges it faces. To do this, it must be able to mobilize men and women around a common project that is rich in meaning, stimulating and strengthening the commitment of each individual.

Malene Rydahl’s conferences are aimed at  :

Managers who have identified leadership difficulties and want to find a long-term solution.


Those who want to evolve and need strong inspiration to move forward.


Those who simply want to give a sense of purpose to their collective project.



In a short space of time, the conferences invite the audience to become truly aware of themselves.

Through each theme, from transmitting the “keys” of the Danish model to building a climate of trust within the company, Malene Rydahl stimulates the desire in everyone to deepen their self-knowledge and express their full potential. Without seeking to transform your company, these conferences create a collective momentum with multiple benefits:

Becoming aware of your own role and responsibilities, so that you can feel good about yourself.

Learn about the culture of psychological safety to encourage innovation and performance.

Understanding the importance of empathy to reduce the time spent managing conflicts and misunderstandings.

Learn how to convey a sense of purpose to employees.

Malene Rydahl’s unique and experienced voice will teach you the basics of well-being and performance in the workplace.

Challenges and benefits

Tailored to your company's specific issues, each conference opens up avenues for improving the well-being, engagement and performance of your employees.

It is introduced by a short theoretical exploration which sets the framework for the theme of well-being, followed by each theme chosen together. A diagnosis of the company can be carried out beforehand for a “tailor-made” conference, to get the audience more involved during the session.  

Suggested themes :

The Danish method for cultivating well-being and performance.

Cultivating empathy and trust in the workplace.

Psychological safety, the key to innovation and performance.

Getting to know yourself to be an authentic leader.